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Internal cleansing and detoxification

Most people need to purify their body every 6-12 mo
If toxins are not eliminated form your body daily , problems with fatigue, headache,poor digestion,food cravings,stuffy head,low sex drive,educed mental clarity , and troubled sleep may occur.
Purification program will help to lose weight and gain control over the weight. Purification program helps you to live healthier life by purifying , nourishing , and maintaining a healthy body. This is a three-week purification program.
The products are by Standard Process:-they contain whole food ingredients that provide intact, complete, phytochemical compounds.The products in purification program are:
1.SP Cleanse for purification.
2.SP Complete: for nutritional supplement shake.
3.Gastro-Fiber for healthy liver.
4.SP Green Food for healthy liver.
5.Whey Pro Complete for protein during purification.
Purification program is best after summer or winter. Aside from specific instructions for 3 weeks, you also get information about healthiest vegetables, oils,grains,fruits,and proteins.
Please contact Drs. Jon Trister, Diana Trister and Tammy Gardell for more information.