• Autologous Blood injection

    Autologous blood injection Autologous blood injection is a regulatory healing therapy that aims to re-harmonize the body’s inner milieu. Blood carries nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, body exudates, waste products, toxins, and antibodies, and also carries information about every disease the body…

  • Postural compensations

    By Jon Trister MD and Diana Trister DO Evaluation of the posture. Observe symmetry. Look at the level of gluteal folds- asymmetry indicates inhibition or weakness of the ipsilateral side, which will be lower. Slight asymmetry indicates inhibition or weakness-look…

  • FUQ about prolotherapy and PRP

    Am I a candidate for Prolotherapy and PRP? A.: You are a candidate for Prolotherapy , PRP or Stem Cell therapy if the doctor believes that prolotherapy is likely to help you. Prolotherapy will be helpful in conditions where laxity…