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Autologous Blood injection

Autologous blood injection

Autologous blood injection is a regulatory healing therapy that aims to re-harmonize the body’s inner milieu. Blood carries nutrients, oxygen, enzymes, body exudates, waste products, toxins, and antibodies, and also carries information about every disease the body has experienced.
By injecting autologous blood , we give healing stimulate to the body that makes the body begin to mobilize its immune system cells. It handles the injected blood as an „intruding stimulus” and as a result, intensive stimulation of the body’s immune system is begun and the body’s self-healing capability is activated.
Autologous blood injection increasing the body’s general defensive ability and activating its self-healing capability.

Blood drawn from the vein is returned to the body in intravenous or intramuscular injection form either directly, or with various homeopathic remedies, or concentrated with ozone.
The treatment usually consists of 10-20 injections, which we use bi-weekly or more often, depending on the illness. With chronic diseases, it is recommended that a longer break is taken and then treatment is repeated.

Forms of therapy
The following forms of autologous blood injection is used in our practice:
• Natural autologous blood injection
• Hemolyzed autologous blood injection
• Enriched autologous blood injection (with homeopathic remedies, ozone, etc.)

• General susceptibility to infection, cold symptoms
• Weakened immune system
• Acute viral and bacterial diseases
• Chronic recurrent upper respiratory tract infections: sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, otitis, asthma
• Chronic inflammation: bladder pain syndrome, prostatitis, thrush
• All types of allergies: hay fever, food allergy, food intolerance, etc.
• Skin disorders (eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, acne, boils, chronic urticaria, herpes, hair loss)
• Fungal infections
• Circulatory problems
• Gastrointestinal diseases: irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis
•  Urogenital diseases: recurrent cystitis, weak bladder
• Locomotor diseases: join degeneration, rheumatism, muscle pain, spine disorders
• Chronic pain: migraines, headache, fibromyalgia
• Sleep disorder
• Chronic fatigue, exhaustion
• Hormone deficiency, menopause symptoms
• General revitalization, regeneration

Side effect and risk
Autologous blood therapy is free of risks and side effect and can be combined with every other kind of therapeutic procedure.
With blood clotting disorders, inflamed veins, and when taking cortisone or anti-coagulant drugs.

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