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Mesotherapy is a treatment that helps to regulate the physiology of the body with the application of homeopathic substances.  The substances vary and are used for pain and for cosmetic purposes.

The changes that take place in the face and the body can be reversed with a series of cosmetic injections in the selected areas.  The injections are comprised of homeopathic substances and are administered just under the skin with very tiny needles.

Various painful areas can also be relieved temporarily by tiny injections just under the skin, of various area-specific homeopathic solutions.

There is little or no discomfort associated with a mesotherapy treatment.

The Germans and French apparently started this type of treatment, but the Italians developed the homeopathic formulas in their GUNA research laboratories over the past ten years.  The FDA has approved the use of these substances .

The aging changes  that can be helped by this treatment includes face wrinkles, sagging neck, sagging bosom, cellulite and fat deposits in the upper arms, belly, saddle bags and thighs.

It usually takes eight to ten weekly treatments to get results, followed by maintenance tune-ups once every few months.  There is no “down time” and bruising is an occasional side affect.  Cellulite and fat deposits can be aided by a diet and supplement program as well, if the patient desires.

Doctor Trister received his  training in Mesotherapy at the Medecine de L’Institut National des Sports de Paris under direction of  Doctor Jacques Le Coz and working seminars with GUNA.