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Peptic Ulcer Disease

Peptic Ulcer Disease
Ulcers and Vitamin U
Vitamin U was discovered in the 50s by Dr. Garnett Chaney. It was first isolated in raw cabbage juice.This vitamin is not available in pharmacies or stores and it has never been synthesized. People who consume a quart (8 OZ 4 times per day) of raw cabbage juice daily have an average peptic ulcer cure time of 10 days.
You may dilute it with apple or other juices for taste.In addition, the supplements Gastrex 3-4 capsules 15 minutes before each meal and at bed time for up to 60 days to help healing.
Take Okra Pepsin E3 ( 2 capsules) after all meals for 6-12 mo. These promote healing, protect from irritating foods, clear away debris and toxins, and even strip away excess stale mucus from the intestinal tract.

Low stomach acid and Zypan test

The problem of low stomach acid is very common. It should be considered an epidemic.
Overuse of antacids and other medications, dietary abuse and aging lead to decrease production of hydrochloric acids and digestive enzymes.
The most common signs of hypochlorhydria ( low acid) are:
Bloating, belching,burning after meals, feeling too full,finding food still in your stomach hours after eating, poor and thin fingernails, poor hair quality,falling hair,broken capillaries and more.

If indigestion is caused by low stomach acid, providing HCL, enzymes and the raw material to create acid will bring prompt relief. Zypan from Standard Process contain betaine hydrochloride,pepsin, and pancreatic enzymes.
Start with 1 tablet per meal and see if you feel better or worse. If you feel the same or slightly better , go to 2-3 per meal and judge the response.
If you feel worse-burning tingling occurs with Zypan, this is a sign that you might have an ulcer or severe gastritis.

What to do for ulcers?
Take 1-3 mo to eliminate the inflammation or ulcer.
A.Consider combining your food more carefully:
1.Eat all the food you want at dinner, but stop when you are full.
2.Combine your food with five simple rules:
-Do not combine fruit with any other food
-Do not combine protein with a starch
-Do not combine bread with a protein
-Drink only pure water with your meal
-After dinner, do not eat anything until morning
3.Drink only pure water with your dinner.No alcohol.
4.Finish your meal at least two-three hours before bed time
B.Eliminate wheat and milk from your diet for at least 30 days
C.Take Gastrex 3 capsules 15 minutes before each meal and at bed time and Okra Pepsin E3 3 capsules with each meal
D. Drink 8 oz of freshly juiced cabbage daily.This can be combine with apple juice for taste.
Expect 1-3 mo for healing.