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Nutritional support for Osteoarthritis

Nutritional Support for Osteoarthritis.
In most cases patients with osteoarthritis need following supplements:
Biost (3 daily)-Standard process
Calcifood Wafers (6 daily)-Standard process
Glucosamine Synergy (3-6 daily)-Standard process
Blue ice fermented cod liver oil (2-6 capsules daily)-from Green pastures
X-Factor Gold High Vitamin Butter Oil – from Green pastures
Cataplex C Excellent source of real vitamin C-Standard process
Sesame Seed Oil perles (10-20 daily)-Standard process. If joints are severely inflamed

Eliminate all grains except rice , quinoa and buckwheat . Eliminate milk.
Plain Yogurt (1 cup) and cheese (2-4 oz per day) will be acceptable.1-2 eggs per day( better organic)
Green vegetables, poultry, fish, small amount of berries, green tea, spring water should be a foundation of your diet. Please walk after meal 15-20 minutes.It is usually takes 12-18 mo to heal.