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Four R Program

By Renata Trister DO
Four R Program (Remove,Replace,Reinoculate,Repair)*
The digestive system is the center of the immune system.
The digestive system, nervous system, immune system and hormone-producing system all function together in an interconnected way.
Nutritional deficiency can result from poor digestion or ineffective or incomplete assimilation of the nutrients.
The digestive system is inhabited by millions of different species of bacteria and microbiota that influence health and disease patterns.
Specific foods affect a secretion of substances from the digestive system and in so doing can influence the risk of various chronic diseases.
The Four R program represents a clinically proven approach to managing complex health problems associated with imbalances of the assimilation-elimination processes.

Step One: Remove
Simply put, get rid of all food allergens or food substances producing sensitivities. Start by evaluating the reaction to gluten in grain products; to casein protein in dairy products; and to soy products,citruses products,peanuts, eggs, and shellfish – all classic producers of immune response.Be careful also to reduce exposure to moldy foods and fermented foods.

Step Two: Replace
If the stool contains undigested food materials or fat, that is a telltale sign that the enzymes normally released during the digestive process may not be adequate for proper function. take a digestive enzyme supplement before meals to improve digestion and absorption. A Pancreatine-digestive enzyme tablet that can break down protein, carbohydrate, and fats may help in improving assimilation when taken along with meals.

Step Three: Reinoculate
Add a prebiotic and probiotic supplement to the daily regimen.Probiotic organisms of the Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus strains have been proved to be safe and effective for improving digestive function, but do start slowly with these supplements, and increase the dose over two to three weeks. The ideal daily dose consists of 3 grams per day of the prebiotic and a 2 billions probiotic count. The ideal probiotic dose is considerably higher than one can get in a standard dose of yogurt , so it may be more convenient to take in a therapeutic tablets or powdered delivery form.

Step Four:Repair
Take a supplement of the nutrients that can support the healing of the intestinal mucosal barrier.The most important of these are Zinc ( 15 milligrams) daily,Pantothenic acid ( Vitamin B5, 500 milligrams daily), Omega-3 fish oils ( 2-3 grams), and amino acid L-glutamine ( 5 grams) and magnesium ( 200 milligrams), along with B-complex nutritional supplements.

*Adopted from J.Bland “The Disease Delusion”