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Dietary Management of Diabetes mellitus Type 2 ( brief version)

By Renata Trister DO
Low Carbohydrate diet is advised to improve your health,reduce inflammation associated with your weight, reduce weight, decrease triglycerides level and increase good cholesterol (HDL) level.Proteins are good for you! Amino acids ( composition of proteins) regulate insulin release from the pancreas and improve insulin sensitivity of the muscles, liver, heart etc.Reduction of the weight will help reduce needs for medications! Reduction of the 7% of body weight is equivalent to reduction 50% of medication dose!

Eat no more than 20-30 grams of carbohydrates per day in the form of green vegetables (about 6-8 cups) per day.
You may have 1-2 eggs/day, one handful of berries.
Eat meat and fish without limitations.Add Cod Liver Oil -1 tea spoon and Virgin Olive Oil -1 tea spoon to your supplements.
Cheese (4 oz)/ day.Coffee 2 cups per day, better in the morning.
Black tea in the morning and green tea in the evening.

Absolutely no: Juices, sodas (including “diet”),alcohol, aspartame, MSG.
No milk or yogurt ( they have a sugar).
No bread, No pasta, No potato,No rice or other grains. Drink plenty of fresh spring water. Use lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and salt instead of dressings. You may use cream instead of milk with your coffee or tea.
Get ketone body strips in your pharmacy to monitor your progress: Expect positive result of the test 5-6 days after starting diet. Stay on this regimen 5-6 weeks, monitoring your weight and ketone bodies in the urine.Presence of ketone bodies indicate that you actively “burn” you fat.
Walking 1-3 miles per day will help a lot. After 3 wks start gradually to increase your carbohydrates intake by adding more berries and small amount of rice or other starchy carbohydrates, while monitoring presence of ketone bodies in your urine. When you reach the point when ketone bodies become negative-this will be your critical amount of carbohydrates you may consume without gaining weight again.Stay with this regimen as long as you can.This will be your life style which will help you to maintain a good health for many years.
Check your cholesterol level , chemistry profile and hsCRP in 4-6 weeks. Call office if any questions or concerns.