Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic medicine considers and treats the patient as a whole, rather than narrowly focusing on a specific ailment.  Doctors of Osteopathy believe that the structure of the body is intimately related to its function.  Diagnosis of the structural problems of the musculoskeletal system precludes any correctional therapy, such as prolotherapy.  The application of manual forces to stretch restricted soft tissue structures or to reset the joint surfaces into their proper functional alignments is the technique of Osteopathic manipulation.  Resetting or manipulating the joints to their correct position is a lot like a kitchen drawer that is stuck.  The contact surfaces or tracks of the drawer must be worked open in order to line them up so the drawer can open or close. There are many techniques that can be used in making the corrections in the joints and soft tissues with Osteopathic manipulation.

Dr. Trister has extensive knowledge and training in Osteopathic evaluation and manipulation techniques.

He was trained by Drs.Vladimir Janda , Karl Lewitt and Edward Stiles