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By Jon Trister MD

Please STAY AT HOME. Implement self-quarantine if you have flu-like symptoms or had exposure to the person with flu-like symptoms

Use protective masks, gloves, and glasses. Cover your nose and mouth if you are coughing or sneezing.

Wash your hands with soap as often as possible for at least 20 seconds.

If soap is not available- use alcohol-based 70% hand sanitizers

To prevent community spread-stay away from other people for at leаst  6 feet. Avoid scheduled visits ( not-urgent) to all healthcare providers to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Waiting areas are very dangerous places. Only urgent visits to health care facilities ( ER, URGENT CARE)

If you have mild flu-like symptoms use Tylenol ( Acetaminophen), to control your temperature, plenty of fluids, self-isolation x 2 weeks. Contact our office at  508-754-9950 24×7. Leave a message if no immediate response. Contact us via portal and email:

Call for emergency assistance (911) if your shave  high fever, difficulties breathing, diarrhea, worsening  cough, muscular pains, fatigue, headache